How does football relate to property?


Most local football fans have one thing on their mind when it comes to their football team and that’s winning, whether its promotion, the title or a local derby, it’s all about winning. It’s probably true that most fans have never related their local team’s performance to their property prices, however, they may be interested to know that there are more benefits to your team’s achievements than a medal. 

To mark the 26th Anniversary of the premier league Halifax have researched into the house prices of properties close to all 49 football clubs that have played in the premier league since 1992. 

It found staggering results, six current premier league clubs and four past clubs were among the top 10 for local house price growth. Tottenham Hotspur leads the way with an eye-watering increase of more than a 750 % increase from 1997, £59,000 to £450,000. Chelsea and West Ham (Old stadium) also found themselves up there and past premier league teams Charlton, QPR and Fulham all had increases of between 500 – 600%

Manchester City and Nottingham Forest also feature in the top 20 list representing the north and the midlands. Martin Ellis from Halifax Housing stated ”In the past 20 years, average house prices immediately outside some of the country’s top clubs have seen rises that far outstrip the country as a whole, with some areas also benefiting from the associated infrastructure improvements that come with clubs moving to new stadiums.

Maybe Football is more than just a game?

Written by Ogilvy and Sneyd Estate Agents, covering Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.